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Since 2003, SourceOne has been a provider of health and wellness solutions to leading medical, healthcare, and pharmacy brands around the world. We have established a global reputation for delivering novel formulations that are created through scientific research and innovative product development.

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20-year anniversary, reflecting on pioneering technology platform

SourceOne Global Partners is proud to announce the launch of new, science-backed product solutions as it celebrates twenty years as a leading supplier to global nutraceutical brands. The company, founded in 2003 by Jesse Lopez, has gained a sterling reputation for growing and commercializing a robust intellectual property portfolio ranging from patented ingredients and product applications powered by VESIsorb® technology to novel turnkey solutions that are backed by human clinical studies.



SourceOne Global Partners is a leading provider of health and wellness solutions, created through scientific research and innovative product development.

Our focus is on clinically proven formulations, combined with technologically-advanced and patented delivery systems with applications in nutritional supplements, functional food and beverage, medical food, and personal care markets. The formulations are bundled in easily identifiable platforms that address condition-specific, consumer health concerns.

The highest potency, quality and purity are guaranteed through the use of superior cultivation, proprietary extraction methods and multi-patented drug delivery system technologies.



SourceOne has distinguished itself as a premier innovator of scientifically proven natural products and technologies. Our leadership team’s ongoing success in forging numerous global natural ingredient supply partnerships and research and development alliances results in competitive advantages and added value to the natural product portfolio we bring to the global marketplace.

The synergies created by these partnerships are directly and immediately applicable to the pioneering nutrition and health supplement products we are introducing and those we are developing. The many benefits derived from these innovations will resonate with our brand partners and ultimately the consumers and healthcare professionals focused on superior health and wellness solutions.

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Jesse Lopez, CEO & Founder


Ultimate Curcumin

ULTIMATE CURCUMIN™ is the latest advancement in the booming curcumin marketplace. Powered by the clinically proven VESIsorb® drug delivery system, ULTIMATE CURCUMIN™ ensures that health conscious consumers receive optimal levels of the valuable curcuminoid components ("curcuma longa") from turmeric.

Vitamin K2 + CoQ10

Vitamin K2 plus CoQ10 is the ultimate formulation to combat the negative side effects from statin drugs, such as depleting natural CoQ10 levels and inhibiting the synthesis of vitamin K2. This natural formulation utilizes the VESIsorb delivery system for optimal bioavailability and absorption.


RESNANO™ combines the powerful benefits of resVida® (by DSM) with the clinically proven VESIsorb® drug delivery system to dramatically improve the absorption and bioavailability of resveratrol.


MEGA KRILL™ is the most advanced omega-3 essential fatty acid (EFA) formula as it combines OMEGACHOICE® fish oil and Superba™ Antarctic krill oil with the clinically proven VESIsorb delivery system.


D-SORB™ is a science-backed formulation of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) that is a highly potent and effective formulation targeted to help combat vitamin D deficiency associated with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurocognitive, cellular and immune health.


COGNIPRO® is a patented formulation loaded with super antioxidants and powerful bioactives that support brain cell fluidity and the body’s natural inflammatory responses. It is a doctor formulated solution that is powered by the VESIsorb® drug delivery system to ensure optimal bioavailability.


OMEGACHOICE® Essential Fatty Acids is the latest advancement in the booming omega-3 marketplace. Powered by the multi-patented VESIsorb® drug delivery system, OMEGACHOICE® ensures that health conscious consumers receive optimal levels of the valuable EPA and DHA components of omega-3 fish oil.


COQSOURCE® is a patented coenzyme Q10 formulation widely recognized for its superior bioavailability. It has been referenced in peer-reviewed and published studies as well as third party review articles as the most advanced coenzyme Q10 formulation in the global marketplace.

VESIsorb Drug Delivery System

VESIsorb® is recognized as the leading drug delivery system for dramatically improving the bioavailability of poorly absorbed ingredients. The superiority of this multi-patented system has consistently been demonstrated in well-designed pilot and peer-reviewed published pharmacokinetic studies.

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SourceOne's network of research and technology partners is bolstered by our longstanding relationship with Vesifact AG (Zürich, Switzerland), recognized as a global pioneer in drug delivery system solutions. The leadership teams at SourceOne and Vesifact have been working together since since 2005 to pioneer enhanced bioavailability of science-backed natural ingredients. Together, we have successfully commercialized more than 50 VESIsorb® formulations in all six major continents.

Loaded with key bioactives (CBD, THC, BCP), this product is the first cannabinoid standardized dose soft gel formulation in a colloidal droplet drug delivery system.
omega-3 efas
Edibles offer a delicious introduction to cannabis products, and are currently formulated in an array of applications including gummies, chocolates and lozenges.
Created with the patented VESIsorb® delivery system technology, stick packs offer convenient and soluble solutions to deliver cannabinoids into drinks for the on-the-go consumer.
Offered with a variation of key compounds and concentrations, sublinguals are available in a variety of flavors in spray pump bottles and tinctures.
Functional beverages (including water, energy drinks and smoothies) are formulated to provide favorable palatability with optimized absorption, stability and bioavailability.
diindolylmethane (DIM)
Formulated with key compounds that utilize a patented topical delivery system, lotions are offered in a variety of sizes and applications to support pain relief and beauty.
vitamin d3
Geocann offers a range of safe and effective cannabinoid products for pets, livestock, poultry, and specialty species in a number of applications.
krill oil
Geocann’s development team is ready to work with product formulators on custom applications that meet the growing demand for high absorption, cannabinoid-rich products.
vitamin k2
Geocann has brought to market several more patented product applications, including chewing gum, coffee, protein powders, creamers, and much more.



SourceOne has remained a leader in our industry for delivering novel formulations that you can't find anywhere else. It's understood that we will receive the highest level of customer service from SourceOne in addition to science-backed formulations that we are proud to include in our product portfolio. It's rare that an organization can provide such broad value from formulations and clinical research to marketing and executive communication.

Chris Good
Chief Operating Officer, Theralogix

When I think of innovative science-backed products, I think of SourceOne. Their leadership position is based on a reputation that they are not just offering commodities, but rather delivering innovation that has science behind it and clinical research done on the products and technologies that SourceOne provides.

Dr. Andrew Halpner
VP of Science and Technical Services, Nestlé Health Science

It has always been very appealing working with SourceOne. They bring to you very novel technologies and things that are very timely. SourceOne is strategically focused on best-in-class, new innovations. One of the specialties of SourceOne is its ability to deliver on the early brainstorming ideas with real, science-backed solutions.

Dr. Guru Ramanathan
Managing Director, Dutch Medical Food

Natural products utilizing VESIsorb® have historically set the benchmark for delivering superior absorption and blood plasma levels that allow the body to use more of the active ingredients. This provides confidence that health conscious consumers will receive the maximum benefits from the key active ingredients that are found in our products.

Dr. Barry Ritz
VP of Regulatory & Medical Science, Nestlé Health Science

SourceOne has the most advanced, clinically proven natural products available. They own an unrivaled position to deliver well-researched formulations that ensure optimal bioavailability of key ingredients. This is such a critical component of taking supplements and medicines as consumers need to understand the importance of absorption - and no one answers this calling as well as SourceOne.

Dr. Anthony Petraglia
Neurosurgeon, Rochester Regional Health Hospital

Throughout my career, it has been rare to find a company that has the core values and competencies that SourceOne possesses. Their integrity to introduce science-backed formulations over the past 20 years has been unmatched. We believe strongly in building relationships with our supply partners, and SourceOne has never wavered in its commitment to build a long term partnership built on trust, respect, and quality products.

Douglas Lioon
CEO and Founder, TruGen3


SourceOne has strategically leveraged a global partner technology exchange resulting in an unmatched intellectual property portfolio that broadens our applications while optimizing the performance of cannabinoids and terpenes in the body.

Geocann's network of research and technology partners is bolstered by our longstanding relationship with Vesifact AG (Zürich, Switzerland), recognized as a global pioneer in drug delivery system solutions. The leadership teams at Geocann and Vesifact have been working together since 2005 and have successfully commercialized more than 50 VESIsorb® formulations in all six major continents.

Watch the following video to learn more about Vesifact.

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