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Advanced Branded Ingredients
ALIVEL™ Eurycoma Longifolia
ALIVEL™ Eurycoma Longifolia

Advanced Branded Ingredients

ALIVEL™ Eurycoma Longifolia

ALIVEL® Tongkat Ali is the most potent form of Eurycoma longifolia (commonly referred to as Tongkat Ali), a science-backed natural botanical extract well recognized for promoting healthy energy levels by releasing bound testosterone in men and women. ALIVEL® is produced using a proprietary natural water extraction process developed that extracts the highest potency Eurycoma longifolia.

More Information

ALIVEL® is made from a proprietary natural water extraction process developed by Dr. Johari Saad that produces one of the highest potency, purest, and most biologically active Eurycoma longifolia botanical extracts.

The botanical name for ALIVEL® is Eurycoma longifolia, which is a small tree found in the jungles throughout Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Natives consider every part of the tree as medicine. The root has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for fatigue, loss of sexual desire and poor performance. In Malaysia, Eurycoma longifolia is a national treasure.

Scientific research demonstrates that ALIVEL® delivers results directly relating to boosting free testosterone levels.

  • Boosts energy levels and vitality;
  • Supports optimal sexual performance;
  • Increases stamina and strength;
  • Supports healthy aging; and
  • Promotes favorable anabolic balance during intense and prolonged exercise.

In addition, recent research demonstrated that ALIVEL® also promotes favorable anabolic balance during intense and prolonged exercise. This seminal study was the first to show a statistically significant ratio of increased testosterone to decreased cortisol in healthy individuals who participated in a 24-hour endurance mountain bike race. Results from the study co-authored by SourceOne and presented at the annual International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference revealed that participants who were administered 100 mg of ALIVEL® had testosterone levels that were 16% higher and cortisol values that were 32% lower than those in the placebo group.

Key Specifications

Product Applications
Single-ingredient capsules and blends / Granulated compression for tablets / Stick packs / Functional foods & beverages
Unmatched Potency
>1% Eurycomanone (single most important standardized active)
Dark yellow to light brown
Shelf Life
When stored in the unwrapped, original container, under specific storage conditions, shelf life is 24 months.
Protect from heath, light and air in a cool, dry place. Store at temperatures between 60-85°F (15-30°C).
Pack Size
10 kg and 25 kg