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VITAMIN K2 + COQ10 | Powered By VESIsorb
VITAMIN K2 + COQ10 | Powered By VESIsorb

Turnkey Capsule Solutions

VITAMIN K2 + COQ10 | Powered By VESIsorb

Vitamin K2 plus CoQ10 is the ultimate formulation to combat the negative side effects from statin drugs, such as depleting natural CoQ10 levels and inhibiting the synthesis of vitamin K2. This natural formulation utilizes the VESIsorb drug delivery system for optimal bioavailability and absorption of these two key heart health ingredients.

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Research demonstrates the numerous heart health and arterial tissue health benefits of vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7) and CoQ10. This powerful 2-in-1 formula features clinically-studied dosages of these important nutrients in one elegant softgel capsule. With millions of people taking stain drugs, medical experts believe that supplementing with a high bioavailable dose of vitamin K2 and CoQ10 is essential.

Unfortunately, vitamin K2 and CoQ10 have very low aqueous solubility and a relatively high molecular weight, rendering them poorly bioavailable after oral administration. To overcome these limitations, SourceOne utilizes the VESIsorb® delivery system which has been clinically proven to dramatically improve the pharmacokinetic parameters (Cmax, Tmax, and AUC).

The peer-reviewed journal, Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine, published a human pharmacokinetic study comparing the VESIsorb® CoQ10 formulation with three marketed "bio-enhanced" CoQ10 formulas. The data of this study as well as a comparison with available published literature shows an unmatched enhancement of CoQ10 bioavailability achieved by the VESIsorb® CoQ10 formulation.

Improved bioavailability directly translates to delivering higher blood plasma levels with a much lower dose.

The benefits are unmatched:

- Faster onset, independent of food/fat status.

- Fewer servings required to achieved the desired therapeutic effect.

- Superior loading for smaller and easier to consumer capsules.

- Addressing issues related to poor absorption like age, diet, and gender.

Simply put, this formula delivers unmatched blood plasma levels of both vitamin K2 and CoQ10 in an elegant softgel capsule.

Although vitamin K has long been thought of as a nutrient related to bone health, emerging science continues to demonstrate its importance in cardiovascular health. Matrix-Gla protein (MGP) is an important protein that helps to regulate the handling of calcium within the body, specifically the deposition of calcium within vessels. As a result, MGP plays a vital role in our vascular health. MGP is also a vitamin K-dependent protein, and a sufficient circulating level of vitamin K is required in order to maintain the optimal function of this protein. If vitamin K levels are insufficient, the protein becomes uncarboxylated and favors the deposition of calcium in the vasculature.  Supplementation with vitamin K2 (MK7) in humans at a dose of 180 mcg/day over a three year period has been shown to have a beneficial effect on vascular elasticity.

CoQ10 is well known for its ability to support cardiovascular health. As an essential component of the mitochondrial electron transport chain, CoQ10 is critically important for the production of cellular energy. CoQ10 also acts as an antioxidant, providing important protection from damaging free radicals, in turn helping to protect the endothelium.  Numerous human clinical studies have demonstrated that supplementation with CoQ10 can significantly benefit cardiovascular function.  

Key Specifications

Intended Application of Use
Oral Dose Softgel Capsule
Active Ingredients Per Serving
180 mcg Vitamin K2 (as menaquinone-7) / 200 mg COQSOURCE® (as ubiquinone)
Dark brown oval softgel
Shelf Life
Two Years
Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place in the original container. Do not expose to excessive heat.
Clean Label Claims
Produced in an NSF GMP facility. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Soy Free. Hypoallergenic. No Artificial Preservatives.