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Our extensive global network of strategic partnerships enable us to reach every major market around the world.

An Iconic Legacy

SourceOne‘s unwavering commitment to scientific research and consumer education has been a key driver in the advancement of novel discoveries combined with the development of new, innovative and science-backed products. SourceOne’s global partnerships and network of relationships with people and companies that share its passion and commitment to excellence provide a strong foundation for the company's success today and in the future. Thank you for your continued support and helping us to deliver the best science nature has to offer.

Yours in Health,

A Tradition of Leadership

SourceOne has distinguished itself as a premier innovator of scientifically proven natural products and technologies. Our leadership team’s ongoing success in forging numerous global natural ingredient supply partnerships and research and development alliances results in competitive advantages and added value to the natural product portfolio we bring to the global marketplace. The synergies created by these partnerships are directly and immediately applicable to the cutting-edge products we are introducing and those we are developing. The many benefits derived from these innovations and the technology exchange resonates with our brand partners and ultimately the consumer focused on health and wellness. Building on a tradition of leadership and responsibility in this industry, SourceOne is committed to the highest levels of customer service by providing the newest technologies and highest-quality ingredients that are backed by an experienced technical staff, innovative marketing solutions, and detailed scientific support. We have assembled an outstanding team of seasoned professionals who are leaders in marketing, technical support, science, business development, and distribution. By cultivating current partnerships and developing new strategic alliances with leading research, product development, and manufacturing companies worldwide, SourceOne is your partner in reaching and expanding your market potential.

Mission Statement

SourceOne is a leading provider of health and wellness solutions, created through scientific research and innovative product development. Our focus is on clinically proven formulations, combined with technologically-advanced and patented delivery systems with applications in nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, functional foods and beverages, cosmetics, and medical devices.

Global Headquarters

SourceOne is headquartered in the heart of America - Chicago's thriving business district. Satellite offices for product development, sales, distribution and marketing are located in Fort Collins, Colorado and Zürich, Switzerland. Our extensive global network of strategic partnerships and customer alliances enable us reach every major market around the world with production capabilities in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.


Jesse Lopez
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Jesse Lopez has over 40 years in both the human and animal nutrition and health markets. He began his career at Ralston Purina before moving to Potash Corporation (PCS), and then to Cognis Nutrition and Health (now owned by BASF). Mr. Lopez founded SourceOne Global Partners in 2003, and has guided the company’s development into a global leadership position as a provider of health and wellness solutions, created through scientific research and innovative product development.
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Marc Weder
Science and Technology
Marc Weder is the co-founder of Vesifact AG in Baar, Switzerland. Mr. Weder and his father, Professor Hans Georg Weder, launched Vesifact in 1987; the first spin off company from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich. He is a registered pharmacist and is recognized in the scientific community for his proficiency in applied technologies and formulation expertise as well as his successful collaboration with global research and development partners.
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Sam Davidson
Global Strategy & Brand Partnerships
Sam Davidson began his natural products career in 2005 with SourceOne Global Partners. He is an award-winning marketing and business development professional who has been responsible for establishing strategic alliances with key brand partners around the world. He has gained valuable experience introducing patented, branded ingredients to the natural products industry with a focus on consumer education and building brand equity that's driven by innovation and supporting scientific evidence.
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Fawn Lopez
Senior Vice President, Operations
Fawn Lopez is VP of Operations after serving an illustrious career as a healthcare executive for Modern Healthcare/Crain Communications. As the industry's leading source of healthcare business and policy news, research and information, Ms. Lopez and the Modern Healthcare team served the needs of top healthcare executives by reporting on important events and trends. In her role, Ms. Lopez oversaw the editorial, sales and marketing, digital, and audience development associates who together power the Modern Healthcare media brand.
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Jono Edwards
Director, Global Brand Development
Jono Edwards is a creative professional with an impressive set of skills in graphic design, UX/UI development, photography, product packaging and video production. Leveraging a business background in biotech startups, Mr. Edwards has gained valuable experience marketing medical robotics as well as gaining FDA drug approval for a phase I clinical trial. With degrees from UC Santa Barbara and Boston University, he has held key roles in a range of industries, from retail and beverage to biotech and defense.
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Hannah White
Manager, Sales and Marketing
Hannah White first discovered her passion for health and wellness while studying Nutrition and Fitness at Colorado State University. After spending several years acquiring valuable customer service experience and leadership skills, she eagerly decided to pursue her continued interest in active living and nutritional education. She is currently responsible for providing five-star customer service to SourceOne's brand partners with a strategic focus on marketing support and new product launches.
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Dr. Andreas Supersaxo
Senior Advisor, Science & Technology
Dr. Andreas Supersaxo is a globally renowned expert in lipid-based drug delivery technologies. With a distinguished career at Vesifact AG (Baar, Switzerland), Dr. Supersaxo's research focuses on oral absorption enhancement, dermal delivery systems, self-emulsifying delivery systems (SEDDS / SMEDDS), and lipid colloidal carriers (microemulsions). Prior to leading the research and development at Vesifact AG, Dr. Supersaxo was a Senior Research Scientist at Roche Pharmaceuticals and Syntex Research.
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Rakesh Amin
Senior Advisor, Legal & Regulatory
Rakesh Amin is a founding partner at the law firm Amin Talati Wasserman in Chicago, Illinois. The firm specializes in FDA (Food and Drug Administration), FTC (Federal Trade Commission), Intellectual Property Customs and related health care laws. Mr. Amin is also a registered pharmacist and practicing attorney for close to 20 years in the food and drug and intellectual property (IP) arenas. He primarily counsels food, dietary supplement, drug and cosmetic companies. He also practices heavily in patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.
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Anthony Petraglia, MD
Senior Advisor, Medical & Clinical Studies
Anthony Petraglia, MD is a neurosurgeon and the Executive Director of the Rochester Regional Health Concussion Program. Dr. Petraglia specializes in all aspects of spine and brain surgery with extensive subspecialty experience in sports-related neurological injuries. He has presented nationally and internationally on the topic of neurological sports medicine, has published numerous manuscripts and book chapters on various aspects of neurological surgery, and performs editorial duties for several medical journals.
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