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Advanced Branded Ingredients
GYMNEPURE® Gymnema Sylvestre
GYMNEPURE® Gymnema Sylvestre

Advanced Branded Ingredients

GYMNEPURE® Gymnema Sylvestre

GYMNEPURE® is a patented Gymnema sylvestre extract utilzing OSA™ technology that provides nutritional support for healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels, insulin production and glucose absorption through a broader spectrum of Mechanisms of Action (MOAs) compared to other natural ingredients.

More Information

GYMNEPURE® is the most safe, biologically active and effective gymnema sylvestre extract product ever developed.

GYMNEPURE® is a unique and innovative natural extract that utilizes a scientifically supported extraction process called OSA™. OSA™ is a patented extraction technology that captures the most potent and active constituents of the plant to deliver superior health benefits compared to standard products. The OSA™ technology has been applied to GYMNEPURE®, which yields an isolated active ingredient that has been tested in clinical studies to be more bioavailable, safer and effective.

Key benefits of GYMNEPURE® include:
  • Helps support blood sugar levels already within the normal range.
  • May help reduce sugar cravings.
  • Helps stabilize healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Supports healthy weight management.
  • Supports metabolic balance.
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function.

Scientific studies provide compelling evidence that GYMNEPURE® provides nutritional support for the bodie’s natural ability to improve HBa1c by 22% and CRP levels by 22% and 29% respectively (diabetic screening test markers) more than standard gymnema sylvestre extracts.

New scientific studies demonstrate that GYMNEPURE® is more effective at lower doses and much safer than standard gymnema sylvestre extracts.

Cellular research at King’s College London demonstrated that GYMNEPURE® is more active and possesses higher bioavailability. The results were that GYMENPURE® stimulated a 7-8-fold increase in insulin secretion at ≥0.25mg/ml dose when compared with standard gymnema sylvestre products.

Key Specifications

Product Applications
Single-ingredient capsules and blends / Granulated compression for tablets / Stick packs / Functional foods & beverages
Standardized Potency
> 25% Gymnenic Acids
Green to light brown
Shelf Life
When stored in the unwrapped, original container, under specific storage conditions, shelf life is 60 months.
Protect from heat, light and air in a cool, dry place. Store at temperatures between 60-85°F (15-30°C).
Pack Size
10 kg and 25 kg