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Advanced Branded Ingredients
TINOSPURE™ Tinospora Cordifolia
TINOSPURE™ Tinospora Cordifolia

Advanced Branded Ingredients

TINOSPURE™ Tinospora Cordifolia

TINOSPURE® is a proprietary Tinospora cordifolia extract utilizing OSA™ technology that provides nutritional support for metabolic health, anti-arthritic support, and many other health conditions. It is commonly know as “Guduchi” or "Giloy" and has been widely used for thousands of years in ayurvedic medicinal practices.

More Information

TINOSPURE™ is the most safe, biologically active and effective Tinospora cordifolia extract product ever developed.

TINOSPURE™ is a clinically proven Tinospora cordifolia extract for immune health and beneficial effects on histamine, offering an adaptogenic mechanism of action to immune, allergy, and gut health.

With traditional applications in allergies and a balanced immune response, TINOSPURE™ has been supplied to leading medical and wellness brands around the world as a safe, efficacious, and clinically supported Tinospora extract. Accredited by universities, institutions, and global regulatory bodies,TINOSPURE™ is established with a long history of offering superior quality assurance and control parameters, as well as being supported by rigorous traceability and sustainability initiatives and clinical validation.

Key Specifications

Product Applications
Single-ingredient capsules and blends / Granulated compression for tablets / Stick packs / Functional foods & beverages
Standardized Potency
12% Bitters
Extraction Ratio
Light brown powder
Shelf Life
When stored in the unwrapped, original container, under specific storage conditions, shelf life is 36 months.
Pack Size
10 kg and 25 kg