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Advanced Branded Ingredients
PMF-SOURCE® Citrus Polymethoxylated Flavones
PMF-SOURCE® Citrus Polymethoxylated Flavones

Advanced Branded Ingredients

PMF-SOURCE® Citrus Polymethoxylated Flavones

PMF-SOURCE® represents an extremely potent class of citrus flavonoids that have been shown to have cardiovascular benefits with over thirty years of documented research. Two of the key polymethoxylated flavones that are standardized at unprecedented levels in PMF-SOURCE® are tangeretin and nobiletin.

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SourceOne has pioneered the commercial development of PMFs for 20 years, and continues to lead in further enhancing the value of PMFs in a range of formulations, broader applications and new health conditions.

Flavonoids are natural polyphenolic compounds found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. A subset of flavonoids known as polymethoxylated flavones (PMF) have been shown to possess especially potent cardio-protective benefits.

Polymethoxylated flavones — flavonoid compounds derived from the peels of oranges, tangerines, and other citrus fruits — are highly methoxylated and contain biologically active molecules with unique metabolic properties.

Two of the most-researched polymethoxylated flavones are nobiletin and tangeretin, which are found at unprecedented levels in PMF-SOURCE®. Research has shown that citrus polymethoxylated flavones, including tangeretin and nobiletin, show hypolipidemic activity and significantly lower total serum and very low-density lipoprotein and LDL cholesterol (Kurowska et al., 2004).

What is tangeretin?

Tangeretin is a flavonoid found in the peel of citrus fruits, including mandarins, tangerines, grapefruits and oranges (Rouseff and Ting, 1979). Tangeretin has the usual flavonoid structure with five methoxyl groups, which increases its hydrophobic character.

What is nobiletin?

Nobiletin is a non-polar polymethoxylated flavone (PMFs) found in the citrus peel of various fruits, such as tangerine. Its chemical structure is similar to tangeretin, containing the typical flavonoid structure and six methoxyl groups (one more than tangeretin).

Key Specifications

Unmatched Potencies
Standard: 30% or Double: 60%
Cream to light citrus yellow color.
Product Applications
Single-ingredient capsules and blends / Suspendible for beverages / Granulated compression for tablets / Useful as natural preservative in food and beverages
Protect from heat, light and air in tightly closed containers. Store at temperatures between 60-85°F (15-30°C).
Shelf Life
When stored in the unwrapped, original container, under specific storage conditions, shelf life is 24 months.
Pack Size
10 kg and 25 kg